editor-in-chief // JORDAN HUIZENGA
Jordan Huizenga is a second-degree English Specialist at the University of Toronto, having previously completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She co-organizes By Garden Avenue, a quarterly dinner series held in gardens.

poetry editor // JONATHAN DICK
Jonathan Dick is a Masters student with the Department of English at the University of Toronto whose research is supported by a generous grant from the Social Science and Research Council of Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Arts with Highest Honours from Trinity College, and intends to begin his Doctoral work in 2019, following a brief research position at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in April. An award-winning playwright, whose work has been staged across Toronto, Montreal, and New Hampshire, this is Jonathan’s second year on the Hart House Review’s editorial board, and is his first as Poetry Editor.

prose editor // BRITTNEY HUBLEY
A current graduate student at the University of Toronto, Brittney Hubley cries easily, cares deeply about ice hockey, and tries to read more than she writes. Her favourite poem is Frank O’Hara’s Ode on Necrophilia, which she hopes says more about her taste in literature than her taste in partners. You can find her recent work among magazines such as Glass Buffalo and Poetry is Dead, and you can find her even more recent work on twitter @who_blee

art editor // KATIE LAWSON
Katie Lawson reads, writes, curates and educates on all things seen, felt, heard, touched and tasted.

online editor // SHAHMURAD LODHI
Shahmurad Lodhi, a Muhajir-Sindhi from the irrepressible port of Karachi, Pakistan, is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. A longtime literary devotee, this is his third year on the editorial board of the Review.

associate editor // ELEANOR LAZAROVA
Eleanor Lazarova is currently a graduate student at the University of Toronto. She has previously worked on Acta Victoriana, and was in Idiom once.

associate editor // ANVESH JAIN
Anvesh is a second year student specializing in International Relations at the University of Toronto. He has lived in India, Saudi Arabia, and the United States, but he still calls Calgary his home. His poetry has been twice published by the Literary Review of Canada, in January and October of 2018. Outside of his academic interests, Anvesh loves the season of Autumn, playing Cricket, eating his way across global cultures, reading great literature, and of course, warming up with a steaming hot cup of Chai.

returning editor // ELENA SENECHAL-BECKER

associate editor // LUCY FANG